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Jeilani Rhone-Collins

Actor. Musician. Leader. 

About Me

A folk-musician, groover, and unapologetic Harry Potter fanatic, I am deeply passionate about art. Growing up with a father who did musicals all throughout his young life and a mother who sang Joni Mitchell to put me to sleep, I found a niche love for creating art that sparks a connection. I write, create, and perform about things I know and feel in hopes that someone may know or feel the same things.


Currently, I work at the intersection of the entertainment and social change industries in Los Angeles, CA, cultivating the idea that creativity and art are means of making a difference in the world- no matter how small. I hope to make my way back to the place I was born- Brooklyn, New York- in the following year to pursue musical theater, to experience a winter again (finally!), and to continue making those mini connections everywhere. 




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