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UCLA Musical Theater Class of ‘22 Showcase 

I produced and performed in the UCLA MT Class of 22’s Senior Showcase. Along with classes and performing in a Mainstage production, I spent Winter Quarter senior year creating our Showcase. 

Appears: 12:44


UCLA MT Class of 22 ‘Showcase in Place’

During lockdown, I produced and performed in the UCLA MT Class of 22’s ‘Showcase in Place’ - a collection of self-tape performances to keep up moral for theater during the pandemic. 

Appears: 59:16

UCLA MT Class of 22 Freshman Showcase

I directed and performed in the UCLA MT Class of 22’s Freshman Showcase. With a couple classmates, I came up with the idea to present ourselves to the UCLA community at the end of our freshman year. This was our first time performing together! Watch our senior showcase above to see how far we have come.

Appears: 45:15 

The Woman’s Project

A group of undergraduate woman conceptualized, wrote, and filmed this piece entitled ‘The Woman’s Project’. As as an actor in this project, I created and performed the character Maggie Frank, a woman who expresses herself through music. 

Spring Sing 2022: The Painted Ladies 

On May 26, 2022, I will perform in Spring Sing with my all female folk band, The Painted Ladies! We are so excited to share our original song at one of UCLA’s greatest traditions.

Check back May 26, 2022 for our performance! 

Untitled Theater Company: Black Artist Showcase

I produced and performed in Untitled Theater Company’s ‘Black Artist Showcase’ - a collection of performances from UCLA’s Black Theater students to fundraise during the height of civil unrest in 2020. 

Appears: 22:59

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